Chartered in 1949, Front Royal Federal Credit Union began its tradition of “people helping people” to save regularly and provide a source from which to borrow at low interest rates. Earnings remaining after expenses and capital reserves are returned to members in the form of more competitive share and loan rates and free or low-cost financial services. Unlike credit unions, for-profit banks pay their high earnings to investors and a paid board of directors.

At Front Royal, our helpful and knowledgeable staff knows members by name. In fact, many employees have been serving fellow members for over a decade!

It’s no wonder that members have made credit union financial services a family tradition, extending the privilege of membership to their families for a lifetime!

Kimberly Darr CEO/President
Shari Blake Vice President/Branch Operations

Board of Directors

Greg Williams President
Bryan Chrisman Vice President
Kenney Cameron Treasurer
Michael Utley Secretary
William Sealock Board Member

Supervisory Committee

William Sealock Chairman
June Newcomb Member
Charles Pingley Member

Credit Committee

Charles Pond Chairman
Robert Wertz Member
Kenneth Cameron Member
Amber House Member
Della Day Member

The Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee, and Credit Committee are all members volunteering their time to Front Royal Federal Credit Union.