Club Accounts

Christmas Club

Deck the accounts with tons of money…Fa la la la la…la la la la! Open up a Christmas Club account today and save all year long. Just set up a Christmas Club account, decide how much you want to contribute to it automatically each payday (or in person)  – then, we’ll take care of the rest. In October, when it’s time to go shopping, we’ll release the funds, and your hard work will pay off. No borrowing. No worries.

Vacation Club

Everybody deserves a vacation once in awhile. Open a Vacation Club account and start saving for your next trip. Whether you prefer sand in your toes, or an adventurous excursion through the mountains, we can help make it happen.

Have your funds directly deposited from your paycheck or simply come into the branch and make your contribution. You can make one withdrawal per calendar year. This makes it difficult to dip into your savings and ensures that you reach your goal of saving for your vacation.