Whether you are a first-time home-buyer or want to refinance your current mortgage and save – we can help! “Welcome Home” and open the door to a new way of saving. Visit our online mortgage portal to apply, access home loan educational materials, use calculators, check rates, and more. You can also contact our First Mortgage Department via phone by calling 703-667-4547.

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First Time Home Buyer: There’s nothing like fulfilling the dream of homeownership. Members purchasing a home for the first time, just breathe. We know it can get overwhelming, but Front Royal FCU is committed to helping you through the home buying process – as well as providing access to various pre-qualification and payment calculators. Learn more about First Time Home Buyer information to help you get started.

Buying: Holy Cow! You’re moooo-ving? Take a sneak peek at our mortgage options and home buying process as well as access to various pre-qualification and payment calculators by checking out our buying information. 

Refinancing: There can be many perks to refinancing your home loans. For instance, gaining equity over time, or qualifying for a lower rate can save you hundreds! Learn more about refinancing your existing mortgage and saving money.

Loan Programs: It would be great if we all were millionaires. But, unfortunately, those of us who aren’t must borrow for some of life’s biggest goals. Home Loan details include:(fixed rate vs. adjustable rate) and the different types of mortgages available within each category (15 yr, 30 yr, 5/1 ARM, 7/1 ARM, etc.). Learn more about our unique loan programs. 

HomeAdvantage: Don’t have a current real estate agent? You can earn cash rewards by using a real estate agent in our preferred real estate agent network. On average, members earn $1,500! Learn more about how HomeAdvantage cash rewards work. 

Pre-Qualify/Calculator: It’s good to be prepared. With a little information from you, our pre-approval calculators can help determine where you stand on qualifying for a home loan.

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