Effective as of: new fees with * effective 04/01/2017

Share Draft Account

Courtesy Pay $35.00 per item
Overdraft $35.00 per item
Returned Item $35.00 per item
Copy of Draft $5.00/copy or print online free
Stop Payment $35.00/per request
One Time Debit Overdraft $35.00
NSF $35.00 per item
Counter Check $1.00 per check
Share Draft Prices vary depending on style
Sharedraft Account FEE FREE

Other Service Fees (applicable to all accts.)

Account Reconciliation $10.00 per hour
Statement Copy $5.00 per page or print online free
Mailed Paper Statement * $5.00 monthly Ages18-55/Estatement free
Deposited Item Returned $35.00/Item
Wire Transfer (incoming) $15.00 per transfer
Wire Transfer (outgoing) $25.00 per transfer
Certified Check (CU Issued) $5.00 per check
Money Order $2.50 per item
Transfer fee by phone with a teller $1.00/transfer or free through I-Banking or Automated phone system
Automatic Transfer from Shares $1.00/transfer or free through I-Banking or automated phone system
Nonmember check cashing $5.00/Item
Account closed within 6 months $20.00
Inactive Account $2.00/Monthly charged to accounts with no activity for 12 months or longer
Levy/Garnishment $25.00
Loan Subordination fee * $50.00
Rush Fee for Mastercard Debit/Credit $50.00
Mastercard Check Card NSF Fee $35.00 per item
PIN Reissue MasterCard Debit card * $5.00

Electronic Funds Transfer Fees

ACH Overdraft $35.00
Foreign ATM Withdrawal $1.00
Inquiry $0.50
ATM Transaction $1.00 for each transaction at ATMs not owned by Credit Union
ATM/Mastercard Check Card Reissue $10.00 per card
NSF for ACH Item Return $35.00 (Funds must be available in the account which funds have been authorized to draw from – no transfers made to cove
EFT Stop Payment $35.00

Safe Deposit Box Fees

3 x 5 $30.00 annually
5 x 5 $40.00 annually
3 x 10 $50.00 annually
5 x 10 $60.00 annually
Change of Lock Cost incurred by Credit Union
Drilling of Box Cost incurred by Credit Union

Other Return Item Fees

Deposit Item return/MasterCard payment $35.00 per item
Deposit Item return written by member $35.00 per item
Deposit Item return/loan payment $35.00 per item
Incorrect Address/Returned Mail * $5.00 per item